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Offshore Company

Offshore and International Business Companies (IBCs) have been introduced for entities that are not intended to do business within Dubai and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Typically, these types of entities are created to carry out business internationally and are not resident in the UAE. 

The UAE has a long positive and attractive reputation for its zero-tax jurisdiction and has always comply with all international requirements on anti-money laundering. The UAE is on the whitelist of the OECD and well known for its protection instruments of confidentiality and investor rights. There are very few free zones offering offshore structures in the UAE.

Ras Al Khaimah International Corporate Centre (RAK ICC) and Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA) are well reputed to offer the concept of offshore companies in the UAE. RAK ICC and JAFZA are zero tax jurisdictions and permit 100 per cent foreign ownership. Offshore companies/IBCs can open multi-currency bank accounts in the UAE and Worldwide and carry out business activities internationally. UAE offshore company registration is a gateway to international market expansion.

  • Benefits of UAE IBC and Offshore Company


Zero corporate tax


100%profit and capital repatriation


Only registered office address and no physical office is required


No requirement to file accounts


Especially allowed to hold shares in any UAE company


100% foreign ownership


Minimal capital requirement


Information on shareholders and directors are kept confidential


Especially allowed to hold properties in the UAE

  • Key Facts

Type of company

No of shareholders

No of Directors

Minimum capital

Annual reporting requirement

Corporate Shareholder


Registered Agent Required

Manager Needed

Private Limited

One (Minimum)

One (Minimum)







Trading, consultancy, advisory, investments, holding of properties, etc

  1. Assets protection

  2. Tax planning and profit maximisation

  3. Protection of investments

  4. Privacy and confidentiality

  5. Protection of intellectual property


  • Ras al Khaimah International Business Companies (RAK IBC)


RAK ICC is a reputed corporate registry operating in the Emirate of Ras al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates. Ras Al Khaimah is one of the seven Emirates located in the North, around one-hour drive from Dubai and is well known for its fertile soil, due to a larger share of rainfall and underground water streams. It has a large international airport, making it convenient and easy for business travellers.

RAK ICC is responsible for the registration of International Business Companies, as well as providing a full suite of Registry services related to international business activity. It is a modern and world class company registry operating in full compliance with international standards and best practices. Read More on RAK IBC


  • Jebel Ali Offshore Company (JAFZA Offshore)


JAFZA offshore is an offshore company registered by the Jebel Ali Free Zone in Dubai. JAFZA has been set up in 1985 and is one of the fastest and largest expanding free zone in the UAE. There are more than 6,400 companies, including over 120 of the Fortune 500 enterprises registered in the free zone. JAFZA offshore companies are allowed to hold properties in most areas in Dubai. Read More on JAFZA Offshore


Premier Global Fiduciary Services DMCC is here to advise you how best to set up your offshore company in Dubai or UAE and discuss all support services required. If you are interested in setting up an offshore company or for guidance and additional information, please feel free to contact us on or call us on +97144696707. Know more about our Services.

FAQ – Offshore in Dubai/UAE

How to incorporate an offshore company in UAE?

An offshore company can be incorporated through a registered agent, like Premier.


How long it takes to incorporate an offshore company in UAE?

The time frame is normally 3 to 5 days based on activities and complexity on the company structure. Urgent applications are also accepted in some cases.


What is the minimum capital?

The minimum capital is USD 1.


Is there a requirement to audit and file account?

There is no requirement to audit and file yearly accounts.


Is there a requirement to have an address in the UAE?

Yes. The offshore company will have its UAE address through the Registered Agent’s address.


Can an offshore company in UAE have corporate directors and shareholders?

Yes. Offshore company can have corporate directors and shareholders.

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