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Bank Account Opening

Dubai and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is well reputed for its banking industry and high privacy level.  The banking system is flexible due to the numerous local and international banks established in the UAE and the UAE Central Bank is the primary financial regulatory authority. The secrecy level is a crucial reason for the success of the banking system in the UAE.

Dubai and UAE offshore companies/IBCs are allowed to open bank account in the UAE with local banks and foreign banks in different currencies such as AED, USD, EUR, GBP, etc. UAE offshore entities can also open bank accounts in other jurisdictions for ease of carrying out their activities. Below is a list of local and foreign banks in the UAE and also a list of other jurisdictions where Premier can introduce for bank account opening.


List of documents required

The below is a basic list of documents required to open a bank account. Nevertheless, the list can differ based on the client business activity and the specific bank requirements


The time frame to open a bank account for a Dubai/UAE offshore company/IBC normally takes 1 to 3 weeks depending on the business activity of the company and submission of documents required by the bank and the response time of the chosen bank in the chosen jurisdiction.

Premier Global Fiduciary Services DMCC is here to introduce you to local and foreign banks for bank account opening and assist you through the whole process. If you are interested in opening a bank account in UAE or other jurisdictions or for guidance and additional information, please feel free to contact us on or call us on +97144696707. Know more about our Services.

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