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Incorporation and Registration

Premier assists in setting up all types of vehicles including free zone companies, offshore companies, trusts, foundations, funds, etc. across UAE and worldwide. We advise on choosing the right structure, UAE Free Zone, type of offshore company in UAE and the right jurisdiction outside UAE. We take care of all paperwork and drafting of incorporation/registration documents including the Memorandum and Articles of Association and the Business Plan. We offer a range of services with respect to incorporation/registration of companies, funds, trusts and foundations across Dubai, UAE and worldwide. Our main services are as follows:

  1. Incorporation and licensing of free zone companies in Dubai and UAE

  2. Incorporation and registration of offshore companies and IBCs in Dubai and UAE

  3. Incorporation and registration of offshore in other jurisdictions

  4. Establishment of trust

  5. Establishment of foundations

  6. Provision of manager (required for UAE Free Zone companies)

  7. Provision of officer and director

  8. Provision of compliance officer

  9. Provision of registered office address

  10. Provision of registered agent

  11. Assisting client in finding flexi desk/virtual office/physical office and other logistics

  12. Assisting in recruitment of employees and other personnel and liaising with the various authorities

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