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VAT Registration & Compliance

The UAE has introduced the Value Added Tax (VAT) in January 2018 following the introduction of VAT in the GCC countries. VAT is a consumption and indirect tax applied upon consumption of goods and services.

VAT registration

It is mandatory for companies having annual turnover of AED 375,000 or more to register for VAT and file VAT return. In UAE, company having turnover between AED 187,500 – AED 375,000 has the option to register for VAT under the UAE VAT Law. However, it is not compulsory to register for VAT. Companies having annual turnover less than AED 187,500, there is no need to register for VAT.

VAT rates applicable in UAE

The standard flat rate applicable in UAE is 5 %. However, there are some supplies which are zero rated and also some are totally exempted from VAT. The zero- rated and exempted supplies are as follows:

Zero rated

  1. Direct or Indirect Exports

  2. International Transport

  3. Air Passenger Transport

  4. Supply of Air, Sea and Land Means of Transport

  5. Goods and Services Related to the Supply of the Means of Transport

  6. Aircraft and Vessels for Rescue

  7. Supply of Goods and Services Related to the Transfer of Goods or Passengers

  8. Investment in Precious Metal

  9. Sale of the Residential Building

  10. Charitable Building Supplies

  11. Oil & Gas

  12. Educational Services

  13. Healthcare Services


  1. Some financial services

  2. Financial services

  3. Supply of bare land

  4. Supply of local passenger transport

As VAT is a new concept in the UAE, the registration and implementation of VAT requires expert guidance. Premier has the experience and knowhow to assist you with your VAT registration, implementation and compliance. Thereafter assisting and advising on VAT related matters, health check, VAT implementation to VAT filing and monitoring. Our services are as follows:

  1. VAT advisory and consultancy

  2. Conducting health checks

  3. VAT registration with authority

  4. VAT implementation/compliance/monitoring

  5. Preparation of VAT returns

  6. Filing of VAT returns

  7. VAT recovery

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