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Residency Visa, HR & Payroll Services

Residency Visa

To be able to work and/or live in the UAE, an individual will need to have a UAE residence visa. There are several ways to avail a residence visa in the UAE notably by having an employment residence visa being sponsored by an employer or by having an investor residence visa or by having a dependent resident visa being sponsored by the spouse or parents who already have an employment residence visa.

There is a full process and steps to acquire a residence visa in the UAE starting from the application of entry permit which allows foreigners to enter and stay in the UAE for a short temporary period, giving him/her the time to complete the procedure for the visa application and stamping and Emirates ID issuance. Premier offers a full range of services from application of entry permit to issuance of the Emirates ID which are as follows:

  1. Preparation of offer letter

  2. In country entry permit application

  3. Out of country entry permit application

  4. Employee residency visa application

  5. Dependent residency visa application

  6. Assisting for medical test in UAE

  7. Completing Emirates ID form and application

  8. Arranging for temporary accommodation

  9. Collection of residency visa

  10. Renewal of residency visa

  11. Cancellation of residency visa

  12. Assisting in notarisation/attestation

  13. Cultural assistance

  14. Assisting in getting mobile phone number

  15. Assisting in getting alcohol licence

  16. Assisting in converting driving licence


Payroll & HR

Premier provides the whole process of payroll system irrespective of the size of the company and number of employees. By giving Premier the burden of the payroll management, the client can concentrate on core activities of the company and also information about payroll be kept completely confidential and outside the company. Premier also provides a set of HR services to alleviate the responsibilities of the client as the UAE labour Laws and Regulations are very strict and vast. Our basic payroll & HR services amongst others comprise of the following:

  1. Issue of payslips

  2. Calculation of leaves and holidays

  3. Assist in selecting and taking health insurance

  4. Calculation of gratuity for limited and unlimited employment contracts

  5. Calculation of final settlement amount in case of resignation or termination of employment

  6. Issue of salary certificate and No Objection certificate

  7. Drafting & reviewing of employment contracts

  8. HR administration

  9. Developing HR templates and procedures

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