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JAFZA Offshore


Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA) is one of the largest free zones in Dubai created in 1985 and is an industrial zone surrounding the Jebel Ali Port. In early 2003, JAFZA promulgated the JAFZA Offshore Companies Regulation 2003 allowing the free zone to incorporate and register offshore company. JAFZA Offshore was the first entity allowed to hold real estate properties in Dubai before the introduction of RAK ICC.

Key Features of JAFZA Offshore

JAFZA offshore features.png

Documents required to incorporate JAFZA Offshore

The following documents are required to incorporate a JAFZA Offshore entity*:

JAFZA offshore docs.png

*Other documents may be require on a case to case basis.


The shareholders or POA are required to personally visit and sign in presence of JAFZA Offshore Authority before incorporation of the company. The POA shall be duly attested by UAE consulate in their country of residence & thereafter attested by UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs to appoint someone on their behalf to sign in front of the authority.

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